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Improve the management of your porter team and efficiently coordinate patient transfers with Caremove.

What is Caremove?

Caremove is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate and optimize the management of patient transfers within various sectors of healthcare facilities.

This tool provides an efficient solution to coordinate and organize transfers effectively, allowing for tracking of each transfer and appropriate allocation of resources needed to accomplish this task.

In addition to improving the efficiency of transfers, Caremove also helps ensure the quality of service and patient care by providing a centralized and easy-to-use tool for administrative and nursing staff.

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Advantages of our porter management software

Caremove is a complete solution that offers significant benefits for optimizing the management of patient transfers. Here are some of its main features and benefits:

Transfer requests and tracking

It allows nursing and administrative staff to request transfers from their sector, specifying the origin and destination through the web frontend, and monitor the status of transfers in real-time.

Monitoring and data analysis

It allows access to key indicators, such as the number of transfers per porter, response times, and the total number of transfers, which facilitates analysis and continuous improvement of the process.

Intuitive interface

Both the web frontend and the mobile application offer a user-friendly and personalized interface, displaying relevant functionalities based on user permissions and profiles.

Configuration and resource allocation

The web backend provides tools to configure and manage all the necessary information for the proper functioning of the system, from stretcher bearers and sectors to reasons for rejection and types of isolation. It facilitates the effective allocation of resources needed to carry out transfers, contributing to more efficient management and time savings.

Instant notifications and historical record keeping

The application sends notifications to the mobile devices of porters when a transfer request is made, allowing them to respond promptly. It also enables them to access a history of transfers completed within a specific period.

Continuous improvement

Caremove provides a robust platform for transfer management, enabling ongoing adjustments and enhancements based on user needs and feedback.


What problems does it solve?

Transferring a patient is a crucial task for their care. Ensuring a timely and efficient transfer requires close coordination between nursing staff and stretcher bearers.

Caremove prevents delays in patient transfers. These delays can negatively impact patient care and well-being, especially in emergency situations or when urgent attention is needed.

Additionally, our porter management system helps prevent the incorrect allocation of resources. This ensures an equitable distribution of the workload, improving operational efficiency and the quality of healthcare.

How does it work?

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Web application

Caremove offers a web frontend that facilitates daily tasks for nurses and administrative staff. It allows them to log in with a username and password, monitor, manage, and request transfers. Administrators can assign porters, view transfer history, and access performance indicators. This centralized platform also manages essential information for the web and mobile applications for porters, including personnel management, sector and bed configuration, and integration with other devices.

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Mobile application

The mobile app for porters allows them to log in at the beginning of their shift and select their assigned sector. When a transfer request is made, they receive a notification and can accept or reject it, providing a reason if rejected. Once accepted, they log the transfer and access their work history.


How to implement it?

Caremove operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, eliminating the need for proprietary infrastructure. Implementing the system is simple and can be achieved in three steps:

1. Registration of users for administrative staff and porters.

2. Configuration of sectors, floors, and beds.


3. Downloading the application on porters' mobile devices.

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