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Interoperability in Healthcare: What It Is, levels, and benefits of implementation

¿Qué es la interoperabilidad aplicada a la salud? La interoperabilidad...

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telemedicina imagen ilustrativa

Telemedicine: What is it, how does it work, and how to implement it?

Telemedicine has become a revolutionary way of...

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Ciber Security

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Protecting Vital Data

With the advancement of digital transformation in the industry, the...

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Video consultation component

We have launched our Video Consultation component!

It provides an exceptional experience for both patients and professionals...

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patient safety

Patient Safety in the Digital Era: Mitigating Risks and Improving Healthcare Quality

By incorporating patient safety as a discipline in our strategic vision, we achieve a significant improvement in the quality of care, providing an optimal user experience and...

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Webinar: Digital Competitiveness in Healthcare

Digital Competitiveness in Healthcare

Discover the factors that influence the success or failure of Digital Transformation processes and how you can maximize your organization's potential

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We develop our solutions based on GeneXus technologies, which ensures that the applications can be easily adapted to the specific technological requirements for each project, and the software’s future technological evolution.

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