HematoApp: Improving the Quality of Life for Lymphoma Patients


Lymphoma is a cancer that develops in the white blood cells of the lymphatic system, which is part of the body's immune system. In our country, this disease affects 16 out of every 100,000 inhabitants.

HEMATO APP was created with the aim of improving the interaction between patients with lymphoma, the healthcare system, and the different healthcare providers. HematoApp.

Juan Ignacio Machado is the founder of Fibras, an non-profit association where individuals, companies, and organizations come together to support and accelerate projects and ideas, using technology as a platform to generate a sustainable social and environmental impact.

It is from Fibras, and based on a concern raised by Dr. Matilde Boada and Dr. Sofía Grille from the Hematology Department at the Hospital de Clínicas, that work begins on meeting the patients' needs: a mobile application that allows them to have a smoother interaction with the healthcare system, where they can access specific information about the type of disease they have, treatments, and upcoming appointments.

In the first phase, Doctari participated in the initial study to define the features the application needed to have.

At K2BHealth, we provided support for the development of the tool (including functionalities such as user management, log-in, and interface).

IDATHA (from the Pyxis ecosystem) developed functionalities related to artificial intelligence, while Pyxis was responsible for the design and implementation of the infrastructure and its support.

Juan Ignacio Machado mentions that he hopes this tool will be extended to the entire Hospital de Clínicas and for all pathologies to assist more people. He explains that in this case, it was limited to Hematology in order to learn, measure, and improve based on what arises from that department.


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