Application for Senior Residential Facilities

The pandemic was advancing in Uruguay, and people were practicing social distancing and trying to avoid unnecessary contacts.

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In this context, the elderly were the most affected and those who needed the greatest care. However, we were surprised by an outbreak in a Nursing Home. This gave rise to the need for health information from these facilities in order to control the situation. Within 48 hours, an application was developed for Nursing Homes for the Elderly. It recorded the data of residents and staff.


A series of forms was created, allowing the input of information about the residential facility, personal data of each resident, as well as a clinical assessment of the symptoms they could present. Additionally, personal information of the workers in contact with the elderly was included.

When the information entered into the system corresponded to a resident displaying symptoms of the disease, that data was forwarded to the Plan Nacional Coronavirus for further clinical monitoring.


The implementation of the Residential Facilities application has provided valuable insights into the exact number of residents and staff, allowing for the identification of unauthorized residential facilities.

Over time, the application has evolved and, once the alarm situation within the residential facilities has subsided, it is used as a control tool. 

The registration process successfully captured information from over 1,200 residential facilities, encompassing more than 3,500 staff members and 10,000 residents.


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