Interoperability Platform of the National Cancer Institute (INCAN) of Paraguay

Interoperability Platform

K2BHealth, along with BID Lab, presented the results of the pilot project for the implementation of the interoperability platform of the National Cancer Institute (INCAN).

K2BHealth K2BHealth presented the results of the Interoperability Platform Pilot Project at the INCAN Hospital in Paraguay on March 29, 2023. Proyecto Piloto de Plataforma de Interoperabilidad en el Hospital INCAN de Paraguay.

The event aimed to close the pilot project and chart the path for further work on the digital transformation of healthcare in this country. Key participants in this significant event included authorities from the Inter-American Development Bank Group, the National Cancer Institute, and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay, among other stakeholders in the healthcare and technology sectors.

The project

The project started in mid-2021, with the support of BID Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, driven by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay (MSBSP), and executed by Genexus Consulting (K2BHealth). The project's goal was to integrate the interoperability digital platform into the INCAN's technological ecosystem, allowing for the interconnection of various systems in use. Through the use of international standards and industry best practices, K2BHealth, via the platform, aims to enhance the continuity and quality of patient care.

Interoperability Platform

K2BHealth's interoperability platform was deployed within the infrastructure of the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communication (DGTIC) of the MSBSP and is now available for use by both INCAN and other institutions that may seek integration in the future. As of this moment, both INCAN and the healthcare sector in Paraguay have a key asset for advancing their digital transformation: a platform capable of receiving structured clinical records in accordance with international standards. In the case of INCAN, as part of the project, integration with the Hospital Information System (HIS) was developed to provide a viewer with all patient-associated documentation, contributing to continuity of care.

Our Experience

This is not K2BHealth's first nationwide experience, as they were the primary technological partner for Salud.Uy in developing the National Electronic Health Record, a project that positioned Uruguay as a regional leader in digital healthcare. They have actively participated in the Oncology Electronic Health Record, the CoronavirusUY application, the COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule, and a myriad of solutions for various healthcare providers. This has allowed K2BHealth to leverage its extensive industry knowledge, international standards expertise, and the latest technological trends in healthcare.

According to K2BHealth's experience, this workshop represents an initial milestone on the path of digital transformation, as it lays the groundwork for further building new experiences on this platform. These experiences aim to enhance the quality of services, placing the patient at the center of the solutions to be developed, and striving to have a positive impact on the quality of patient care.


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