ANDA Medical History and Service Management System

ANDA is a non-profit civil association that provides coverage through a wide range of services. This association serves more than 200,000 members and 600,000 beneficiaries throughout the country.

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ANDA required an Electronic Health Record in order to eliminate paper files. In addition, they needed to implement a consultation coordination system and the digitalization of the pharmacy and nursing system. The main objective was to put technology at the service of users to improve the quality of care.


The Electronic Medical Record was implemented with 100% electronic prescriptions and Electronic Medical Record for nurses with their own coding. In addition, it was integrated with the pharmacy for medication dispensing and with ANDA's commercial system for entitlement validation.

In addition, the agenda parameterization was developed and the coordination of appointments was implemented.


The system developed covers both medical management and ANDA's medical records. 

Technologies and tools 

  • GX Evo1
  • Java
  • Informix


ANDA completely eliminated the use of paper and extensively digitalized its processes.


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