Galeno Sys: Development of telemedicine device applied to cardiac monitoring


The company wanted to develop Galeno Sys a telemedicine tool used for remote cardiac monitoring of patients receiving treatment or being diagnosed, based on the concepts of eHealth and Internet of Things technologies. This non-implantable device was developed due to the need of being able to monitor patients for an unspecified period of time, regardless of their location.


Galeno Sys is a wearable medical device which, due to the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-stored data, makes it possible to monitor patients with cardiac pathologies remotely and to analyze their cardiac information regardless of their location.


The device records up to six ECG (Electrocardiogram) record derivations through the use of disposable electrodes placed in the patient’s thorax.

The information is stored in the cloud, and is then analyzed through a software which evaluates the presence of anomalies and triggers the corresponding alerts regarding the patient’s situation. The detection is achieved through the use of algorithms which identify the altered record. 

The analysis is in real-time, which allows for physicians to view the record and take any corresponding actions depending on the patient’s status. It is also possible to identify asymptomatic and intermittent alterations, which would go unnoticed by the patient and the physician without the Galeno Sys. This improves the quality of care provided to patients. 

The application has a backend to manage devices and general configurations. The solution was developed using K2BTools patterns, integrating accessibility and information security concepts. We expect to integrate Artificial Intelligence during future stages. 


In december 2020, the implementation started with 10 patients in IMAE (Uruguayan Institute of Highly Specialized Medicine) with positive results.


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