Application for dentists: School Oral Health Program

The School Oral Health Program is a program implemented by the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay (MSP) and currently managed by the Administration of State Health Services (ASSE). It is aimed at the prevention and promotion of oral health among children in public schools and critical contexts.

imagen ilustrativa salud bucal niños


An offline tablet application was developed, allowing dentists to provide care to children even without an internet connection. 

La solución permite:

  • Planning each intervention in every school and accessing the children through integration with GURI.
  • Accessing information about each child, as well as viewing previous check-ups performed.
  • Recording coded backgrounds and alerts.
  • Recorded in the file.
  • Recording treatment plans 
  • Recording treatment compliance.
  • Odontogram.
  • Viewing completed treatments.
  • Reports

As part of the administration, a web solution was implemented for configuring the application and obtaining reports.

Technologies and tools

GeneXus Evo 3, SD

DBMS: PostgreSQL

App Server: Jboss


It is a user-friendly mobile application widely used by the Health Program, enabling continued prevention and promotion of oral health for the boys and girls participating in the program.


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