Design of Digital Roadmap for CASMU


Centro de Asistencia del Sindicato Médico del Uruguay, better known as CASMU, is an Uruguayan company that provides health services to its members through mutualism. With more than 3,000 medical professionals and more than 3,000 non-medical employees, it is one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the country. Its membership is concentrated mainly in the country's capital city.


In order to make its digital transformation process more efficient, CASMU proposed the need to carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of its processes, structures and operations, in order to detect findings and consequently develop a set of recommendations, which prioritized, could lead to a short, medium and long term work plan: a roadmap for its digital transformation.

To this end, three strategic guidelines were established:

  • The improvement of certain strategic business processes of the organization, through the integration of digital solutions and technologies.
  • The integral diagnosis of the organization's IT department, with the objective of proposing improvements from a technical and work methodology point of view.
  • Enhance the customer-journey, strengthening the doctor-patient link, designing business processes with the customer/patient as the center for decisions. Promote the use of technologies and self-management to improve the experience of customers and stakeholders in general.


The work carried out focused on the following 3 major axes:

  • Processes
  • Technological solutions
  • Architecture and interoperability


Under a discovery workshop methodology, the three processes to be addressed during the diagnosis were defined by consensus. For each of them, the process was analyzed jointly, focusing on its pain points and the systems that support each of its steps. Subsequently, recommendations were drawn up to help implement opportunities for improvement.

Technological Solutions

This line of work consisted of first getting to know all the solutions with which the institution operates, in order to draw up a systems map. In addition, to know the current state of the infrastructure and security of the institution, with the objective of making a diagnosis and the corresponding recommendations. Thirdly, to get to know the work team of the IT department and its work methodology, with the objective of making recommendations in this regard.

This line of work allows us to know the degree of technological maturity of the institution, and how it is prepared to face the evolution and digital transformation. With this objective in mind, work is carried out along four main lines:

  • Identify all the technological solutions with which the institution operates, in order to draw up a systems map. 
  • To elaborate a survey of the infrastructure used and its maintenance plan.
  • To know the information security policies and update strategy as required by the environment.
  • To know the operations and work methodology of the technology area.

Architecture and interoperability

CASMU, as an authorized provider of the National Health System, is no stranger to the National Health Record ecosystem and must comply with the regulations established by the MOH and Salud.UY. This aspect is a fundamental part of the analysis of the digital transformation process, as it must be ensured that any evolution contemplates these requirements.


As a result of the consultancy, CASMU received a set of documents containing the diagnosis and the corresponding recommendations for its roadmap, among which the following stand out:

  • Systems map
  • Systems inventory
  • Diagnostic of processes
  • Architecture and interoperability
  • Methodology and equipment
  • Security and infrastructure
  • Conclusions


"They made a diagnosis that revealed shortcomings that we were not aware of and showed deeper aspects where we knew there were weaknesses."

"The report presented very clear recommendations, where both the methodology and the concept were perfectly explained. It was not unintelligible technical jargon, but we really found a very good quality report, both in form and content."

Fernando Faluotico - Strategy and Innovation Manager, CASMU


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